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In today’s ultra-rivalrous admissions process, the quality of your personal statement has never been more crucial. Unlike test scores and GPAs that have certain standard, writing an admissions essay can really make your application prominent among those submitted by the thousands of rivalry candidates. Even almost-perfect grades and scores are not sufficient to earn you admission at the top elite programs and colleges nowadays. The reason is that the average applicant is substantially more competent today than they were a decade ago. With so many qualified applicants contesting for a limited number of places, admissions boards have chosen other criteria of the application to take difficult decisions about which applicant to accept and which one to reject.

The personal statement is the best way for an admissions committee to get to know a candidate without having a direct conversation with them. While figures like scores and grades are very objective, the topics you choose and the stories you narrate in an essay are really much personal. Moreover, while some other applicants will almost undoubtedly share your test score and GPA, no one will write an essay identical to yours. That makes it a great potential for you to set yourself apart.


A lot of college applicants mistakenly try to enumerate all of their achievements and activities when writing their essays. Such application essays really are tedious lists for the admissions committee. The format of the application gives you enough space to list extracurricular activities, so write down your lists in the places they should belong.

The most appealing and irresistible essays have a simple outline, each of them tells a story and has a plot with a clear focus. Through thoughtfully described details, your writing should show your interests and disclose your personality. Your scores and grades show your intellectual level. Use your writing to show that you are mature and thoughtful enough, that you have deep personality.


It is great to be mature and thoughtful, but it’s better for your college application essay to be easily perceived. While writing, try to add some clever witticism, a well-placed metaphor, or a bit of self-reproving humor. You can check some online writing help services and read some provided essay examples, to get a glimpse of how to write your essay and make it not boring. But don’t carry it too far. The story that is filled with off-color jokes or inappropriate puns will in most cases end up with rejection, no matter how perfect is its format, spelling and grammar.


Not just wittiness, but the common tone of your application essay is significant. It’s also difficult to put it right. Attentively balance your pride based on your accomplishments with humbleness and unselfishness. For that, reading some online essay writing tips will be really helpful.


In most colleges admissions boards evaluate “personal qualities and character” as highly important in their admissions decisions. Mind, that perfect knowledge is not exactly what colleges are searching for. What they are looking for is good citizens that would inhabit their campus communities.


Problems with grammar, spelling and punctuation can lower your chances of getting enrolled. If you are not sure about your English skills, if you doubt whether you picked a correct format and topics while writing your essay, ask your teacher or a friend with good command of language for help. If there is no one next to you who can help in English, then look for some free admissions essays samples online, or some application help services that offer a quality review of your essay.